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Yes Day Recap

Yes Day was a huge success! My biggest surprise is that Christopher didn’t ask for anything too crazy, and I feel like I had to keep reminding him that it was his special day. I only had to say no … Continue reading

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Yes Day, Grandparent Style

“Hey Dad, I just wanted to warn you that we’re having a ‘Yes Day‘ when you visit.” “What’s a ‘Yes Day?’” “Well, it’s basically a day when we don’t say no to Christopher.” “WHAT?!” said my Dad, definitely having visions … Continue reading

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If Emmy Was Given A Yes Day

As I posted yesterday, Christopher is getting his very own Yes Day this weekend. He basically gets to do what he wants, when he wants (within reason, of course). This got me to thinking, if Emmy could have a Yes … Continue reading

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Yes Day

I’m in trouble, big trouble. Christopher’s favorite book is something called Yes Day. It’s a book about a little boy who has one day where his parents say “yes” to all of his requests. “Can I have a friend for … Continue reading

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