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Glass Slippers

Last night, I took the kids grocery shopping with me at Target. We obviously ended up doing a lap through the shoe section. “Mommy! Look at these heels! I want heels!” “Emmy, I love your love of shoes, but they don’t … Continue reading

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I’ll Never Let Go

With the influx of new Christmas toys, I found myself having to do a major purge in the kids bedrooms and toy room. Toys we no longer play with were boxed up and donated, clothes were separated and given away. … Continue reading

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Surprise Surprise

After a quick trip to Target, I was sitting in the car in our garage explaining gift giving to Christopher. “Chris, you bought Daddy a wallet for Christmas. But it is a secret, and we want to surprise him, so … Continue reading

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General Truths

For the most part, when it comes to my kids I hate to say: “Oh, he always does this” or “She never does that!”  I usually find that if I announce Emmy has been sleeping through the night, she’ll endlessly … Continue reading

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Popcorn & Fruit Snacks

When it’s too gross to go outside, I sometimes take the kids to Target. We pick up groceries & stop at the snack area for popcorn & fruit snacks. It was in the snack area that I heard the best … Continue reading

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Thank You Grandma…

I think this picture proves that my Mama has a HUGE weakness for tiny, pink, ruffly clothes.  I think the Lou is all set for a little while (we even put a few things back)!

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My Two Addictions

OK, so I like what I like, and I indulge in the things that I like. I guess I just didn’t realize how often I frequently I indulge, but Christopher reminded me… First addiction – The Super Target in Fishers. … Continue reading

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