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Happy Father’s Day

When asked why the babies love their Daddy, they created the following Top 10 List: “I love wrestling him.” – Christopher “We do fun slumber parties.” -Christopher “Um, his food.” – Emily “I love to play Doctor Kit with my … Continue reading

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You Sly Devil…

So at 5:30 this morning I heard a few tiny little footsteps and what sounded like baby breathing. I didn’t having any tiny hands grabbing at my body or soft voices asking me for snuggles, so I felt around the … Continue reading

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For Love of The Game

Christopher is currently playing baseball in a peewee baseball league and, when it comes to the game, he only has one interest: hitting the ball as hard and far as a five year old possibly can. Well, last night as … Continue reading

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Last night, way after bedtime, I noticed the light in Christopher’s room was on, so I tiptoed upstairs to turn it off. Thinking he was fast asleep, I opened the door as quietly as humanly possible. Instead of seeing a … Continue reading

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I Believe I Can Fly

When Emmy puts on her Tinkerbell wings, I think a small part of her truly believes she can fly. She runs with her hands in the air, a smile on her face, and the determination that only a two year … Continue reading

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I’ll Never Let Go

With the influx of new Christmas toys, I found myself having to do a major purge in the kids bedrooms and toy room. Toys we no longer play with were boxed up and donated, clothes were separated and given away. … Continue reading

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Flashback Four Years

When Christopher was a baby, he would wake up super early, 5:45 or 6 am. I would climb out of bed, exhausted. He would be standing and smiling in his crib, he’s arms stretched out, ready for the day. On … Continue reading

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