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Fly Me To The Moon

“Mama, do you know who were the first men to walk on the moon?” “Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear.” “No, that isn’t right mama.” “Yes it is Christopher! Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear were the first men to walk on the … Continue reading

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When it comes to the holiday season, the four of us Buckners have a serious disease. We’ll call this rare disease Telluitis (pronounced “Tell-you-itis”). Symptoms of this affliction include; buying a gift and then telling the person what you have … Continue reading

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Author’s Note: Please don’t judge, this kind of stuff happens to all of us (I think, I hope – say you’ve been there!). Christopher’s preschool lets out at 3 pm everyday, and the pick up process is very simple. You drive … Continue reading

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Joy Ride

We just bought Christopher a gently used kids Jeep. Christopher’s previous experiences with these Cars has been limited to riding shotgun while Easton (safely) drives them around. Johnny took C out for a test drive last night. When the came … Continue reading

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Let That Be A Lesson To Me

Well, my dear friend Brittaney turned 30 this past weekend and to celebrate we bowled.  It was great – I walked away with a solid score of 61 (no joke) and a delightful buzz (thank you inventor of the White … Continue reading

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