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Interpretive Song & Dance

Christopher played baseball for the second time in a week on Wednesday night – and while he played, Emily & I worked the concession stand. It was fairly slow, so we helped a few customers (Emmy would get drinks and … Continue reading

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Fun in Fairyville

Last weekend I took Emmy to have a garden tea party with a bunch of fairies – and I wrote a blog about it for Hamilton County Tourism. Here is the link recapping the fun afternoon on that blog: visithamiltoncounty.com/blog Here … Continue reading

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Glass Slippers

Last night, I took the kids grocery shopping with me at Target. We obviously ended up doing a lap through the shoe section. “Mommy! Look at these heels! I want heels!” “Emmy, I love your love of shoes, but they don’t … Continue reading

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Let It Go

Like all little girls, Emmy is obsessed with the movie Frozen. She truly believes she is Queen Elsa, frozen touch and all. Yesterday she ripped off her coat, spun around in a circle, and said “I’m not cold mama, I’m … Continue reading

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“Butt I Drew You a Picture!”

Christopher wasn’t feeling great the other night, so I had him lie down earlier than normal and handed him my kindle so that he could color. He colored for a while, then fell asleep. I picked up the Kindle a … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner?

My kids go through weird food phases, where they want one thing for every meal. Right now, all they want is turkey dogs. “Do you want me to make tacos?” “NO, hot dog.” “Peanut butter & jelly?” “Hot dog.” “I … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

When asked why the babies love their Daddy, they created the following Top 10 List: “I love wrestling him.” – Christopher “We do fun slumber parties.” -Christopher “Um, his food.” – Emily “I love to play Doctor Kit with my … Continue reading

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