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Still A Tiny Baby

Emmy thinks she is a baby. She was mad about the move from the crib, sits in her bumbo whenever she can, and would have her paci until the end of time if I would allow it. Well, she has … Continue reading

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Happy Photo Accident

Two years and almost six months ago, Johnny and I met my sister in law (she was not yet my sis in law at the time) and her daughter at the Indy Children’s Museum (the exact date of our visit was … Continue reading

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“Hey Mom, thank you so much for watching Emmy for me.” “Sure, it was no problem, she was good!” “Did you happen to feed her lunch?” My mom nodded, “yes…” “Oh cool, what did she eat?” “Well, she had milk … Continue reading

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Yes Day, Grandparent Style

“Hey Dad, I just wanted to warn you that we’re having a ‘Yes Day‘ when you visit.” “What’s a ‘Yes Day?’” “Well, it’s basically a day when we don’t say no to Christopher.” “WHAT?!” said my Dad, definitely having visions … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Santa

This last weekend we took the kids to have breakfast with Santa. I prepped both kiddos before we were to met with Big Guy, so Emmy went ready to ask for a “Diego car” and Christopher wanted to ask Santa … Continue reading

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When Grandparents Are In Charge

Dear Grandparents, Thank you for recently babysitting our kiddos, I know that when they are with you they are in good hands and always sticking to their normal rules and routines. Thank you Grandparents, for giving Emmy an ink pen. … Continue reading

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