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Good Night Mermaid Friends…

One of my favorite things is every night that I tuck Miss Emmy into bed, she insists on having her Mommy mermaid and her Baby mermaid dolls tucked in under a blanket close to her. Those mermaids have been drug … Continue reading

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You Sly Devil…

So at 5:30 this morning I heard a few tiny little footsteps and what sounded like baby breathing. I didn’t having any tiny hands grabbing at my body or soft voices asking me for snuggles, so I felt around the … Continue reading

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For Love of The Game

Christopher is currently playing baseball in a peewee baseball league and, when it comes to the game, he only has one interest: hitting the ball as hard and far as a five year old possibly can. Well, last night as … Continue reading

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I Hate Legos

Christopher turned five yesterday. To celebrate, we had our parents, grandparents, and siblings over for cake. Christopher received a skateboard (“This is what I have always wanted!”), a Skylander Giants starter kit (“This is epic!”), and then three large lego … Continue reading

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NO, I’m NOT Crying – There’s Just, Uh, Something In My Eye

We just celebrated Mother’s Day at Christopher’s Pre School. It was a cute little event, all the moms came to the school and we sang songs, did crafts, read stories. We ate muffins and chatted with classmates and their Mamas. … Continue reading

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Hanging with the Cousins

We spent all day Sunday hanging out with my brother’s family. They have the ideal backyard if you have kids; tall fences, a playhouse, a swingset, and badminton set up. We basically set the kiddos loose in the backyard and … Continue reading

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Nothing But Net

We had some trampoline fun today (for the first time in a long time). I learned a few things today; if it wasn’t for the net Emmy would have flown off the side, I have a three minute jumping tolerance … Continue reading

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