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Interpretive Song & Dance

Christopher played baseball for the second time in a week on Wednesday night – and while he played, Emily & I worked the concession stand. It was fairly slow, so we helped a few customers (Emmy would get drinks and … Continue reading

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Saturday Was the Day for Ballet

Emmy believes many things. First, she believes that she will be five at her next birthday. She just does not see the need for the age of four and wants to skip ahead to her brother’s age. Two, she absolutely … Continue reading

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This Weekend…

The weekend was simple & easy, here is a quick recap. Friday was Dr. Suess Day at Christopher’s school. Chris insisted on going as the Grinch. Saturday morning, Emmy took her very first ballet class. After ballet, we went to … Continue reading

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Let It Go

Like all little girls, Emmy is obsessed with the movie Frozen. She truly believes she is Queen Elsa, frozen touch and all. Yesterday she ripped off her coat, spun around in a circle, and said “I’m not cold mama, I’m … Continue reading

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“Butt I Drew You a Picture!”

Christopher wasn’t feeling great the other night, so I had him lie down earlier than normal and handed him my kindle so that he could color. He colored for a while, then fell asleep. I picked up the Kindle a … Continue reading

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Sleeping Like A Baby…. STILL.

When Christopher and Em were newborns, I remember thinking “this won’t last forever, soon they’ll sleep through the night…” I eagerly clung to the bright future of uninterrupted sleep. Well, here is what the last two nights have been like… … Continue reading

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My Grouchy Valentine…

Emmy hates the morning. She wants to sleep until she feels like sleeping and the rest of the world better hide if she’s being asked to wake up early. This morning was an early wake up day, so all attempts … Continue reading

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