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Happy Father’s Day

When asked why the babies love their Daddy, they created the following Top 10 List: “I love wrestling him.” – Christopher “We do fun slumber parties.” -Christopher “Um, his food.” – Emily “I love to play Doctor Kit with my … Continue reading

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Good Bye Old Friend

Today, we said good bye to our kitty, Gracie. Gracie has been with me for 14 years. She helped me through college, through my first job. She dealt with Johnny’s allergies towards her and let the kids ride around on … Continue reading

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You Sly Devil…

So at 5:30 this morning I heard a few tiny little footsteps and what sounded like baby breathing. I didn’t having any tiny hands grabbing at my body or soft voices asking me for snuggles, so I felt around the … Continue reading

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Pricelessly Terrible Trip Photos

We vacationed with our closest friends to Florida and really wanted some family photos while on the beach. We found a wedding and family photographer in a local visitor guide, and called them up to have our photo taken. The … Continue reading

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Easter, 2013

We had a great Easter! The kids spent the night before with their grandma and grandpa (so we slept later than ever before, it was a-ma-zing). The Bunny dropped off eggs and goodies and lots of candy. Christopher and I … Continue reading

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Happy Photo Accident

Two years and almost six months ago, Johnny and I met my sister in law (she was not yet my sis in law at the time) and her daughter at the Indy Children’s Museum (the exact date of our visit was … Continue reading

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My Boy Versus My Girl, Getting Dressed

A new part of Emmy’s night time routine is outfit selection. I hold her in front of her closet and through a series of “Um, no. No.” and “Yes, that one! The sparkly one”, we are able to pick her … Continue reading

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