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First Days…

Today is the first day of Christopher going into the first gradeĀ and of Emmy moving into her preschool class. In honor of that, I thought I would do a side by side comparison of some of the pictures, just to … Continue reading

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Good Bye Old Friend

Today, we said good bye to our kitty, Gracie. Gracie has been with me for 14 years. She helped me through college, through my first job. She dealt with Johnny’s allergies towards her and let the kids ride around on … Continue reading

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I Hate Legos

Christopher turned five yesterday. To celebrate, we had our parents, grandparents, and siblings over for cake. Christopher received a skateboard (“This is what I have always wanted!”), a Skylander Giants starter kit (“This is epic!”), and then three large lego … Continue reading

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Baby Berkley

Two weeks (and one day) ago, my best friend Sarah had her third baby (yes, she is a crazy woman). Her and her hubby already have two boys, so they were over the moon when they discovered #3 would be … Continue reading

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The First Snow

We had friends visiting last week when we had our first snow of the season, and Emmy and her little friend Tessa were excited to see it for the first time (see the picture above), while Chris was just ready … Continue reading

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Birth Stories, Round Two

For the second installment of the Birth Stories, we have two guest posters – our Mamas, who are telling the stories of OUR arrivals….

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Birth Stories

My best friend, Sarah, is just a few weeks away from having her third baby (and first girl!) and is in full preparation mode. All her nesting and labor/delivery talk reminded me that I wanted to jot down my babies … Continue reading

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