Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Time!

Tooth Fairy Time!

Christopher’s first tooth wiggled right out of place last night (and happened about 45 minutes after bedtime, so everyone was up extra late last night). Once we got everything cleaned up and secured the tooth into his Tooth Fairy Box, I settled them back into bed. The house was quiet and I heard Emmy walk to Christopher’s bed and whisper “Christopher, can you believe it? You’re a really big boy now.”

“I know Emmy, but go to sleep so she comes for my tooth!”

On the way to camp this morning, I overheard the following conversation:

“Chris, I saw the Tooth Fairy last night. She hugged & kissed me while I was sleeping.” (This is very true)

“You DID Emmy?! What color hair did she have?” – Chris asked while clothing his $2 for dear life.

“She had yellow hair, like me. And she was beautiful.”

“What time did she come, did you see?” – Chris

“She was there at 11:30 when I went to sleep.” – Emmy (This is a lie, the Tooth Fairy was very tired & swung by around 9:45)

“Yeah, well, I saw purple sparkle wings Emmy, did you see those?” – Chris

Emmy’s big brown eyes widened and she nodded.

He’s already asking about losing tooth #2, but I think I’m ready for time to slow down again – mainly because the Tooth Fairy only has so many dollar bills.



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4 Responses to Tooth Fairy

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    What sweet kids! i hope that they enjoy looking back on all of your blog entries as much as I enjoy reading them.

  2. John Buckner says:

    I love this entry! One of my all time favorites

  3. Margie Meehan says:

    So magical. Love and magic and creativity combine in their hearts and their dream minds sense the love around them. Such precious times.

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