Glass Slippers

Last night, I took the kids grocery shopping with me at Target. We obviously ended up doing a lap through the shoe section.

“Mommy! Look at these heels! I want heels!”

“Emmy, I love your love of shoes, but they don’t have any baby girl heels here. They have girl tennis shoes, you want those?”

“Yes they do. I can find heels.”

Like a moth to a flame, Emmy was suddenly reaching behind boxes and pulling out the only toddler size 9 high heeled shoe in all of Target. “See mommy, they have Cinderella shoes.” Seconds later she had them on her feet and was posing in front of the mirror.

I put her in her sparkle converse for school, but when I dropped her off, this is what I found:

Yeah, she has on two different socks.

Yeah, she has on two different socks.

"My teachers will say 'Oh Emmy, you look just like Cinderella.'"

“My teachers will say ‘Oh Emmy, you look just like Cinderella.'”


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5 Responses to Glass Slippers

  1. kahlrichs says:

    Totally cute, but toddler size 9 heels is not a sentence I ever thought I’d read…only Emmy.

  2. John Buckner says:

    Emmy is so grown up!

  3. Bill O'Connor says:

    Oh my! Are the shoes actually high heeled? They look like they’re flat heeled and made of clear plastic.

  4. Margie says:

    Emmy does have an excellent fashion sense. For example, look at that dress! I truly love the different colored socks. I wish I was brave enough to do that. It would save me a lot of time putting on my shoes and socks in the morning.

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