This Weekend…

The weekend was simple & easy, here is a quick recap.

Friday was Dr. Suess Day at Christopher’s school. Chris insisted on going as the Grinch.


Saturday morning, Emmy took her very first ballet class.


After ballet, we went to watch our friend Danica cheer. Emmy’s eyes never left Danica. “Mommy, those cheerleaders are so beautiful…”


Here are both kiddos, running wild…


We hung out with my family on Sunday. Chris snuggled me, Emmy snuggled up to Uncle Paul.



And then, long after bedtime I went to check on them, and this is how they were found: curled up in the tightest little snuggle ball you ever did see..



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2 Responses to This Weekend…

  1. John Buckner says:

    How cute is that last picture? Oh my goodness they are so cute

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    What a great weekend!

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