Let It Go

Like all little girls, Emmy is obsessed with the movie Frozen. She truly believes she is Queen Elsa, frozen touch and all.

Yesterday she ripped off her coat, spun around in a circle, and said “I’m not cold mama, I’m Elsa – and the cold never bothered me anyway.”

Well… Okay then.

(Non Frozen fans should know that “the cold never bothered me anyway” is an Elsa quote)

Here she is, spinning & singing…



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3 Responses to Let It Go

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    I think that I figured out why that little rascal didn’t want me to sing at the singalong showing of Frozen that we attended. My voice ruined the effect for her Elsa persona. I wonder why she doesn’t identify with Anna?

  2. Barbara says:

    This is a beautiful picture!!! I want to frame it Will you send me the picture and I will print it out? When we played Frozen here at the house she knew every work that was said, and sang along with every song. SHE IS THREE!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DOES SHE DO IT???

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