Every Good Doctor


I think Emmy truly believes she is already a doctor. She carries her jam packed kit around from room to room, and stops to ask everyone in the house about their current symptoms.

Today I noticed she left her kit out and opened and I looked at all of her doctoring essentials:

– notepad & crayon for symptom documentation

-blood pressure taker

– stethoscope

– soft casts for broken limbs

– pretend medicine

– sparkly, fancy black hairbow. I guess every doc needs to look her best when consulting with patients!


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4 Responses to Every Good Doctor

  1. Barbara says:

    The hair bow is essential. I have been to this doctor and I would rate her services as excellent. I have noticed that shots are necessary for everything that is wrong. Be ready for a shot from dr.buckner!

  2. Karl says:

    Also noted is that she is Dr. Buckner, not Nurse Buckner. Very firm about that…

  3. Bill O'Connor says:

    I have to agree with Karl & Barbara. Doctor Emmy is very no-nonsense and factual. She correctly diagnosed me after examining my right ear by saying “You have hair in your ear Grandpa” in a very professional manner. She then followed the examination of the right ear with an examination of my left ear and confirmed her original discovery with the non-judgemental but very clear statement of fact saying “You have hair in this ear also Grandpa”.

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