First Boat Ride

Yesterday was our first boat ride of the summer and the kids were over the moon with excitement. They threw on their life jackets and shades and ran down to the boat.


Chris spent the entire ride on Johnny’s lap, helping drive the boat. It was really cute, except for the times that he would suddenly, and unexpectedly, speed up or slow down the boat.


Emmy climbed onto the bench, covered herself with the towel and said “This is just perfect.”


The kids also stood at the front of the boat, dancing and waving to people on jet skis. Emmy is wild, so I hovered over her and silently prayed that she wouldn’t try to jump in (she didn’t try).


Now, that was the first boat ride of 2013, but it wasn’t the first dip in the lake for the kids. On Race Day, Emmy decided to strip down to her Tinkerbell underpants and jump into the ice cold water. Her friends quickly followed (except they put on swimsuits).





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One Response to First Boat Ride

  1. margie says:

    These are the best! I love them all. The one with Johnny, Christropher and Emmy wearing their shades and gear was the coolest. Chris has such a cool pose, diminished only a little bit by the fact that he has a sippy cup. Soon enough it will be a pop or (god help us) a beer. Emmy sure is classy in her star sunglasses. The swimming ones were so cute too. They all are! Thanks!

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