You Sly Devil…

Johnny and Emmy in Florida...

Johnny and Emmy in Florida…

So at 5:30 this morning I heard a few tiny little footsteps and what sounded like baby breathing. I didn’t having any tiny hands grabbing at my body or soft voices asking me for snuggles, so I felt around the bed to see if there was a stowaway kiddo tucked between us. I only felt Johnny, so I thought I was imagining things and went back to sleep.

So a few hours later when Johnny got up to get ready for work, I had a tiny blonde girl passed my way.

“I thought a child was in here!”

Johnny laughed at me. “You always take them back to their rooms, so I snuck Emmy under my arm and let her sleep with me.”

Oh that big softie.

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3 Responses to You Sly Devil…

  1. Barbara says:

    I lov e this story. You got outsmarted mama!!!

  2. margie says:

    Who can blame Johnny!? This is one of my favorite Emmy stories.

  3. mandijo20 says:

    So sweet. Daddy needed some extra cuddles!

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