I Hate Legos


Hey, thanks Uncle Paul. 198 tiny pieces, not a big deal. But hey, when are you coming over to visit?

Christopher turned five yesterday. To celebrate, we had our parents, grandparents, and siblings over for cake.

Christopher received a skateboard (“This is what I have always wanted!”), a Skylander Giants starter kit (“This is epic!”), and then three large lego things that he was over the moon about receiving. Last night was busy and ended after bedtime, so we explained we’d start working on the legos tomorrow.

Well, this morning is tomorrow.

Chris slept with the legos and brought them down to me right after breakfast. “Here Mama, I need help building this.”

I opened the box and dumped out the pieces. What felt like millions of miniature plastic pieces came stumbling out onto the couch. Christopher looked at me with a smile on his face. “OK, Mama, I am ready to build!”

“Christopher, I don’t know. There are so many pieces, we definitely need a grown up to help us.”

“But mama, YOU are a grown up.”

Shit, he’s right.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on the floor in our family room for the next six months trying to build a Shredder motorcycle out of 198 lego pieces. The 300 piece Skylander Giant is going to have to be built by the Grandparent that bought it for him. See ya soon PapaKarlos!


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One Response to I Hate Legos

  1. Barbara says:

    It seems the blog that I used to eagerly await to read has ended here. June 2013 appears to be the end of any documentation of any type of family activities. So sad, I really miss reading these entries and seeing the pictures.

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