No Emmy

I was folding laundry yesterday when Christopher ran downstairs with a small piece of paper and a crayon.

“Mama, will you write ‘This means you Emmy’ on the bottom of this page? I’m making a sign for her.”

Eager to finish the laundry, I asked no questions, wrote the note, and went back to the laundry (and promptly forgot about the sign for Emmy).

Then, at bedtime, I found the sign he made hanging (with a lot of tape) on his bedroom door.


He told me it was to keep her from his Easter candy. Little stinker.

(Oddly enough, this reminds me of when I was a little girl – I used to write notes like that and put them on my door. “No Daddy allowed, only Paul.” or “Mommies only!” or “I don’t like any of you.” Silliness.)


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