Emmy’s Thoughts on My First Communion


This weekend I am going through confirmation at our church. I have been meeting with a wonderful group of people every Thursday night and Sunday morning for several months, and it has been a really great experience so far.

This past Sunday morning was our last time gathering before the confirmation. Since we meet during the mass, I leave Johnny in the church with one of the kiddos and I bring the other baby with me to a different area. This Sunday I brought the Wild One (Emmy) with me.

As we sat in the small room, one of our leaders began explaining the First Communion to us.  “Then, Father will take the wine that becomes…”

Emmy gasped as loudly as a two year old can gasp. Luckily, we were towards the back of the room and not everyone heard her, but a few people turned to look in her direction.

“Mama! She say wine! You love wine!”


Sadly, this is not my first embarrassing kid/wine story.


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2 Responses to Emmy’s Thoughts on My First Communion

  1. Barbara says:

    This is so so funny. I am here alone and laughed out loud!!!

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