She Said What?

Emmy recently got her big girl bed. To answer some basic questions that people have asked:

  • Yes, she does escape from her bed. And yes, the escape process is much quicker than when she was in her crib.
  • Yes, I said she escaped from her crib. It began months ago when she decide to leap from her crib rail with reckless abandon.
  • Yes, I agree we should have moved her to a new bed right away, and not waited MONTHS, but were lazy and cheap and were waiting for our tax return to buy an entire new set of bedroom furniture (the crib/dresser/changing table set was an awesome hand-me-down gift when we were pregnant with Chris and the crib did not convert).
  • About the escape process, NO we no longer hear the warning “thump” that we heard when she freed herself, which is depressing. I had grown used to hearing that thump and then having about 30 seconds to prepare myself for her tiny presence. Now she just appears by my side without any warning.
  • Yes, she likes her bed. Once she’s out, she’s out for the entire – it is just getting her “out.” No I have not yet tried drugs, I am saving that option for a really rainy day.

Anyway, when my mom and Karl came over for the first time to see her bed she said the cutest thing. So cute I have to make sure to document it so it is never forgotten:

“Hi guys! Come see my bed. You’ll never believe it, it’s soooooo epic.” 

WHAT? My two year old just said epic?! Everyone looked at each other in surprise. Then Chris reminded us that he taught it to her after hearing one of the Ninja Turtles saying it. Oh well, it was still super cute.

Now onto a few cute Emmy in bed pictures:

The new bed!

The new bed!

Emmy checking out her new space.

Emmy checking out her new space.

Tiny baby in a big girl bed!

Tiny baby in a big girl bed!


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2 Responses to She Said What?

  1. Barbara says:

    Yes, Chris taught her the word, but the important part is she used it in the right context. The new bedroom furniture is EPIC!!!!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    It’s all one big epic adventure. It’s good to learn that when you’re young.

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