Happy Photo Accident

Two years and almost six months ago, Johnny and I met my sister in law (she was not yet my sis in law at the time) and her daughter at the Indy Children’s Museum (the exact date of our visit was November 20, 2010, which I will never forget since I was unknowingly HOURS away from delivering Emmy.)

Anyway, while we were there I took the following picture of Christopher and Ava waiting for their turn to hop onto the carousel:

Chris & Ava, 2010

Chris & Ava, 2010

A few weeks ago we went back to the Museum – this time we were joined by my dad & stepmom, brother, brother’s now wife and daughter Ava and their new baby girl Sophia. I was looking through my pictures of the day when I realized I accidentally recreated the picture above, but with Emmy this time (I absolutely LOVE that Chris & Ava are standing the exact same way):

Chris, Ava & Emmy, 2013

Chris, Ava & Emmy, 2013

I think these pictures are a clear sign that I need to have my sis-in-law mark her calendar for a year or so from now, because we definitely need this picture with Baby Sophia standing next to them!


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One Response to Happy Photo Accident

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    Great idea!

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