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Emmy’s Thoughts on My First Communion

This weekend I am going through confirmation at our church. I have been meeting with a wonderful group of people every Thursday night and Sunday morning for several months, and it has been a really great experience so far. This … Continue reading

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Spring Snow Day

As we all know, this first week of Spring brought us a little snow storm. In snowed hard all night and most of the next day. Christopher watched the action from the window, begging me to take him sledding. “PLEASE!” … Continue reading

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She Said What?

Emmy recently got her big girl bed. To answer some basic questions that people have asked: Yes, she does escape from her bed. And yes, the escape process is much quicker than when she was in her crib. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Emmy on Instagram

I am obsessed with Instagram. For those who do not know what Instagram is (*cough* my parents, well except for PapaKarlos*cough*), it is a photo sharing app that you access through your phone/iPod/iPad/etc. You take pretty pictures, then crop and … Continue reading

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Happy Photo Accident

Two years and almost six months ago, Johnny and I met my sister in law (she was not yet my sis in law at the time) and her daughter at the Indy Children’s Museum (the exact date of our visit was … Continue reading

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Things That Will Never, Ever Happen

I overheard the following conversation between Johnny and Christopher this morning: “Hey Chris, baseball starts soon. Do you want to go get your shoes and a bat today after school?” “No, not really. Hey! I know what we could do, … Continue reading

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If I had to describe Emmy, one of the (many) descriptor words would be “accessorizer.” Here she is with her dress, sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, and fancy hairbow. These are the basic accessories she needs just to leave the house. Then … Continue reading

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