“Hey Mom, thank you so much for watching Emmy for me.”

“Sure, it was no problem, she was good!”

“Did you happen to feed her lunch?”

My mom nodded, “yes…”

“Oh cool, what did she eat?”

“Well, she had milk and a cupcake… and a bag of popcorn.”



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2 Responses to Grandmas

  1. Barbara says:

    I feel my role as a grandparent is to give them whatever they ask for. (As long as it is safe). I absolutely LOVE to feed her a lunch like that, you can just see how fun it is for her. She ate the icing off first then ate only half the cake part, so she didn’t have a whole cupcake. Yes it is so much fun to completely spoil them, and let you be the one to say NO. They know they can get almost anything they want!!!!!!!!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Hear!Hear!….and Amen!

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