Baby Berkley

Two weeks (and one day) ago, my best friend Sarah had her third baby (yes, she is a crazy woman). Her and her hubby already have two boys, so they were over the moon when they discovered #3 would be wearing pink and purple.

Here are some highlights from the day Berkley was born:

After dropping Chris safely with my mom (she was taking him to school that afternoon), I fueled up for the day with two chai tea lattes from my keurig and a pretty cup (Emmy loves diamonds, I was hoping they would distract her a little. They did not).

I was fueled up for the day with two chai teas and a pretty cup!

My favorite part of the day (besides meeting the baby) happened when Sarah’s sister Katie walked in with her brand new baby, Audrey. We were still waiting for Sarah to deliver the baby, but were in her labor room talking to her. Emmy saw little bitty Audrey come into the room and said: “Mama! It’s Sarah’s baby! It’s Berkley!” She was thrilled and totally convinced they just walked the baby into the room (I wish).

My favorite part of the morning was when Sarah's sister brought in her baby girl and Emmy said "LOOK MAMA! IT'S BERKLEY!"

Sarah’s mom, Debbie and niece, Audrey

Big Brother Easton was NOT happy about waiting around for baby to arrive. He stood right here waiting to meet her, it was so sweet.

2013-01-14 11.23.51

Easton and Abbott meet Berkley Elizabeth for the first time!

2013-01-14 11.41.52

Emmy sees her new buddy for the first time. Her thoughts? “She’s so beautiful! Where her mommy go?”

2013-01-14 12.28.19

Sarah and her new baby girl!

2013-01-14 13.19.35

Emmy, Berkley, Me – hanging out for the first time. Emmy was NOT into the moment like I wanted her to be.

2013-01-14 13.45.18

Chris holding Berkley!

2013-01-15 14.59.36

A week later, we decided to line the kiddos up oldest to youngest: Easton, Christopher, Abbott, Emmy, Berkley


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