Yes Day Recap

Yes Day was a huge success! My biggest surprise is that Christopher didn’t ask for anything too crazy, and I feel like I had to keep reminding him that it was his special day. I only had to say no a few times (He wanted to swim in the lake, he kept pressing a button on a very loud toy, and he was talking/dancing/running while I was putting Emmy down for a nap).

SO, here is a recap of our fun day:

7:43 am: I heard “YES DAY!” from Christopher’s room. He then walked out of his room, arms raised over his head. He snuggled up to me on the couch and requested cartoons and a pizza party for breakfast.

Pizza Breakfast!

Pizza Breakfast!

8:25 am: “Mama, I want pears and pizza and two vitamins and milk please.” When I handed him his plate, he said “I KNEW you could fit all of my favorites onto one plate!”



Emmy was confused by the breakfast, but ate it anyway. :)

Emmy was confused by the breakfast, but ate it anyway. 🙂

9:09 am: Yes Day annoyed me for the first time. He insisted on watching Max & Ruby (annoying), he turned the volume up as high as possible – which only caused us to yell to each other over the Yes Day rules and regulations. Then he insisted on watching a specific part of Max & Ruby over and over – making it so that we watched the same three minute clip 11 times.

In charge of the remote.

In charge of the remote.

9:35 am: Karate time! There’s always time for karate – even on Yes Day.



11:35 am: HOME! He asked if he could swiffer the floors. “UH, YES!”

"You missed a spot baby..."

“You missed a spot baby…”

12:15 pm: Lunch time. His selection? Turkey dog, peaches, chips, and milk (I was absolutely expecting a request for a HappyMeal). He also asked if we could play the quiet game during lunch, so we did – and we stayed mostly quiet for 30 minutes.



12:40 PM: Chris wanted to measure any and everything in the house. We learned that Mommy is just a little taller than daddy, Christopher has big muscles, Daddy has the biggest muscles in town, Tinkerbells are very small, our kitty is hard to measure…

"Stand VERY still Daddy."

“Stand VERY still Daddy.”

1 pm: Christopher wanted to play Super Mario Brothers and watch the Avengers with his Daddy (I didn’t get a picture of that fun, I was helping Emmy go to bed for a quick nap).

3:30 pm: Hot Tub time!

2013-01-26 15.31.53

5:30 pm: I went to pick up his friend Easton for dinner. We went to a diner here in Cicero, Erika’s Place, so that Chris could have cheese sticks. My brother and his family met us, so did my dad and stepmom. Chris was a HAPPY boy.

Easton, Christopher and cousin Ava

Easton, Christopher and cousin Ava

7:30 pm: the kids ran around the house, had a nerf gun fight, played hide and seek and tag, and wore costumes.

Captain America, Hawkeye, and the Hulk

Captain America, Hawkeye, and the Hulk

10:30 pm: After saying yes to the “Can I stay up really late mama?” question, I finally tucked Chris and Easton into bed.



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8 Responses to Yes Day Recap

  1. the rauh fam says:

    you are such a fun momma! what a fun day!

  2. mandijo20 says:

    I love this so much, what a great day! Chris must have felt like king for the day.

  3. sarah says:

    Easton also benefited from yes day! dinner at Erickas and a slumber party! he was one happy boy! Thank you!

    • BucknerBlog says:

      I ABSOLUTELY love that when I asked Easton what he’d do on his yes day, he said “I would like to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would jump in a puddle. I would help my mom mop and stuff.”

  4. Bill O'Connor says:

    It’s a great idea especially in mid-winter. It seems like most of his most pressing desires were to do “adult” things like control the remote, mop the floor, choose what to eat what he wants when he wants it, play the quiet game and hang out with friends. It makes me wonder what I would do differently (if anything) if I gave myself a perfect “Yes” day.

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