If Emmy Was Given A Yes Day



As I posted yesterday, Christopher is getting his very own Yes Day this weekend. He basically gets to do what he wants, when he wants (within reason, of course). This got me to thinking, if Emmy could have a Yes Day right now, what would it be (the only reason she doesn’t get a Yes Day is because she doesn’t quite grasp the concept yet)?

6:30 AM – “Good morning, time for Dora!”

7:30 AM – a breakfast of scrambled eggs, lightly buttered toast, and bacon (she’s really a 50 year old man hidden in a 2 year olds body).

8:15 AM – Naked time! Time to run around the house stark naked.

9:45 AM – She has stopped running, but is still naked. And is watching Sofia the First.

10:20 AM – she steals my purse and goes through every inch of it, applying all the make up items (incorrectly of course). She is most likely still naked, but has my red shoes on.

10:35 AM – I beg her to get dressed. She picks out her Princess Dress (a gift from Ally Jo that she wears the moment it comes out of the dryer from the previous wear), her Tinkerbell skirt OVER the dress, her diamond princess slippers, two hairbows, a purse. No tights. Maybe her Tinkerbell wings.

11:15 AM – She enjoys a lunch of turkey dog, an entire container of raspberries, a capri sun (“pri sun mama, pri sun!”), and chips with dip.

11:45 AM – We have a four person dance party to One Direction. After we listen to “One Thing” for the fourth time, she’s ready for a nap.

2:45 PM – After waking up she’ll want to snuggle me and then wrestle her brother. Then she’ll beg for Princess fruit snacks. It’ll be Yes Day, so I’ll have to give them to her.

3 PM – She’ll beg me to take her to Monkey Joe’s, which she only wants to do with her cousin Lucy, so I’ll have to beg cousin Lori to bring her kids and meet me at MJ’s.

5 PM – On the way home from MJ’s, she makes me drive to Allison’s house to get a new hairbow and to play with Kenley’s Toys.

6 PM – Pizza dinner date with her boyfriend Abbott.

7:15 PM – A long bubble bath.

7:55 PM – I read of Emmy’s three Pinkalicious books, then read them again, and again, and one last time.

8:15 PM – Since she doesn’t get the concept of staying up late, she goes to bed happy and snuggly and sweet.


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