Yes Day


I’m in trouble, big trouble.

Christopher’s favorite book is something called Yes Day. It’s a book about a little boy who has one day where his parents say “yes” to all of his requests. “Can I have a friend for dinner?” “Can I stay up late?” “Can I have a piggyback ride?”

Basically a few questions that kids ask all the time, but usually hear “No” or “Not right now” or “Another Day” “Maybe later” in reply from their parents.

Chris loves this book, he stares at it all the time and has even memorized the words. He has been begging for a Yes Day of his very own, and I have finally agreed. This Saturday, January 26 is Christopher’s first official YES DAY.

He does have a few rules: He can not ask for an animal (“But I want a dog! It’s YES DAY!”), he can not ask for things out of our control (i.e. “Can I sleepover at Easton’s house?”), he can not ask to do anything dangerous or harmful to him or his baby sister (“Can I jump off the balcony?” “Can I cut Emmy’s hair?”). He also can not sit and play with his electronics or watch tv all day.

Lucky for me, my parents just happen to be visiting during Yes Day. I feel like an evil genius.

Are there any other big rules I should implement or think about before the big day?


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