I Said WHAT?

People without kids may find themselves wondering what they are missing out on. Well, this post will tell you just what you want to know. If it wasn’t for these crazy babies, I would never have a chance to do or say the following things.

“Do not handcuff your sister please.”

– Spell all cuss words (or think cuss words. In my head, the above statement actually went “Do not handcuff your #$*& sister!”).

“Stop hitting me with that monkey!”

– Refer to Johnny as “Daddy.” (My kids overheard us calling each other “Sarah” and “John” and at 2, they also started calling us that. Now it’s “Mama” and “Daddy” only in this house)

“Sure, it’s Friday, but 9 p.m. is still a totally reasonable time to go to bed, right?”

– Pass on a wine refill, because I KNOW that kids will be waking up EARLY and full of energy.

– Watch Dora, the Explorer at 6 a.m. on a Saturday while a small child jumps up and down on my back.

“You know, this One Direction song isn’t that bad…”

– Dance to One Direction.

– Like dancing to One Direction.

Parents, what silly things do you find yourself saying or doing now that you have kiddos?



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One Response to I Said WHAT?

  1. mandijo20 says:

    I kid you not, for a full year I called my Mom “Becky” and she thought I would never stop! Love this post.

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