My Cleaning Service

Doing Work

Doing Work

Christopher has recently taken a liking to “mopping” the floors with our Swiffer. He’ll sneak it (yes, I say “sneak it” – I have to limit his mopping time, otherwise I constantly have soaking wet floors at all times), and he’ll Swiffer the day away.

Today he was mopping after breakfast, and he looked up at us. “Mama, Daddy, when can I ever take a break?”

So, if you’re ever talking to him and he mentions that we make him him mop all day without a rest, please know that he’s a crazy person.


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2 Responses to My Cleaning Service

  1. Barbara says:

    Sarah–bring him over here right now and he can mop all the hardwood floors and all the bathroom floors. I have plenty of space for him to mop and the floors need it!!!! I also have a swiffer!!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Give Cinderfella a break!

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