My Boy Versus My Girl, Playtime

The following post can be marked as “Things I never want to forget about these kiddos.” The kids were each happily playing in the family room (this alone is a rare enough occurrence that I never want to forget they actually played in the same room). As I watched the play from the sidelines, I happened to notice a distinct difference in the way they played.

Emmy would take her dolls, line them up, put her hairbows on their head. Then, in a sweet voice, she would have them quietly talk to each other. “Hi Dora.” “Hi Dora. Where’d Boots go?” “You wear a hairbow Dora?”

Two Dora mermaids hanging with two regular Dora's and Singing Snowman.

Two Dora mermaids (one wearing Emmy’s sparkly blue hairbow) hanging with two regular Dora’s and Singing Snowman.

While Emmy played on one side of the room, Christopher stayed busy with his Avenger’s “guys” (“They are not dolls Mama, they are guys“). He took the guys deep into battle; fighting the evil Muno (of Yo Gabba Gabba fame) and Muno’s remote control car and, when Muno would escape to the kitchen, the Avenger’s fought each other. Iron Man acted as the leader of the war and always came out victorious, no matter who he was in combat with at the moment.

Deep in battle

Deep in battle

Now they are curled up on the couch together, Chris playing some surfing game on Johnny’s phone and Emmy playing games on her toy Dora phone. Sometimes they play the same; but the norm is to have the boy engaged in warfare, while the girl runs around in sparkly shoes pretending to be Tinkerbell.

Love these babies.


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One Response to My Boy Versus My Girl, Playtime

  1. Barbara says:

    I love to watch them play and especially love to listen to them when they think no one is paying any attention to what they are saying. It is so cute….a brief look into what they are thinking….sweet

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