I’ll Never Let Go

With the influx of new Christmas toys, I found myself having to do a major purge in the kids bedrooms and toy room. Toys we no longer play with were boxed up and donated, clothes were separated and given away.

However, there were quite a few special items that I wasn’t quite able to say good bye to yet (and I don’t think I ever will)…

Chris was just a little guy, but he spent a lot of time obsessed with the train in the picture below. I found the train, long forgotten, in the back of Emmy’s closet and when I saw it I was immediately reminded of my big boy as a baby boy. The little train went straight to the keep pile.


Christopher, November 2008

This hat (obviously).

Christopher, December 2009

Christopher, December 2009

CJB, February 2010

CJB, February 2010

CJB, February 2010

CJB, February 2010

Christopher spent at least six months truly believing he was a superhero (specifically Batman). No one was able to come to our house without also wearing one of his capes, and he himself had one on at all times. He doesn’t wear it much anymore, but I could not bring myself to donate it.

Christopher and Uncle Brian, early 2010

Christopher and Uncle Brian, early 2010

This Hairbow.

Emmy, February 2009 (Abbott's First Birthday Party)

Emmy, February 2011 (at Abbott’s First Birthday Party)

This blanket is very little, maybe big enough to cover Emmy at her current size, and it isn’t warm at all – but when it was time to move I couldn’t give it away. I see this blanket and I think of the picture below, of Christopher and Easton, best friends and big dudes, snuggled up on the couch. This remains one of my all time favorite pictures.

Christopher and Easton, Labor Day 2011

Christopher and Easton, Labor Day 2011

Emmy spent her first summer in our new house living in this swimsuit. She had this cute little suit on everywhere we went, and even though there is NO chance she’ll fit into it next summer, I’m keeping it forever.

Emmy, August 2012

Emmy, August 2012

Even when my babies are too tall for certain outfits or too big for stuffed animals, the following items are the current favorites that I will NEVER let go of…

Monkey/Bananas. This picture was sent to me during my first week back to work after my maternity leave, and in this picture he is happily smiling at his stuffed monkey (we still have Monkey, whose name has been officially changed to “Bananas.”) I initially marveled at his beautiful smile, then I cried for 20 minutes because I missed him so much. *See Bananas in the train picture above.

Christopher's first real look at Monkey, July 2008

Christopher’s first real look at Monkey, July 2008

Emmy’s necklace. Worn to parties and around the house, major photo shoots and with her jammies – this necklace always comes to mind when I think of Em.

Noah as Spiderman, Chris as Optimus Prime, Emmy as Buzz Lightyear - but with her pearls on. August 2012

Noah as Spiderman, Chris as Optimus Prime, Emmy as Buzz Lightyear – but with her pearls on. August 2012

Emmy & Chris, November 2012

Emmy & Chris, November 2012

“Emmy’s a pincess mama, a PINCESS!” We hear Emmy say this all the time as she floats around our house, in a sparkly outfit (her insistence), one of her MANY tiaras, and her “sword” (which is a sparkly wand). The tiaras may be from the dollar bin at Target, but I’m never letting it go.

Emmy, November 2012

Emmy, November 2012

With each month and each season, there seems to be a new “thing” that I grow as attached to as the kiddos do, so my pile of keepers is going to just keep growing and growing and growing… Don’t be surprised to find me on an upcoming episode of Hoarders.


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3 Responses to I’ll Never Let Go

  1. Courtney says:

    I think as moms, it’s something we all do, because we love our babies so much and don’t want to lose our cherished memories. I have a pair of 3 month Gap overalls I will NEVER get rid of and once he stops playing with it, there a toy otter that will make it to the keep pile too. Sweet sweet memories!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    I think that you’re very smart to keep these special things. Of course, you already know that or you wouldn’t be keeping them! But in a couple of decades when you stumble across the box, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can be brought back to this wonderful time by touching and smelling all of these things. I suggest that you keep a couple of special items of both your’s and Johnny’s with these in your Buckner time capsule.

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