Emmy’s Friend Kenley

Emmy has a little girlfriend named Kenley. Kenley is five weeks younger than Emmy, allows Emmy to hug her constantly and call her “baby,” (nevermind that Kenley has twice the hair and is a little bigger than Emmy) and her Mama makes Em lots of pretty hairbows. Needless to say, Emmy loves Kenley.

Today, we are hanging out with Kenley. While playing, Emmy fell off the couch and landed on her head. Emmy started to cry, and cry LOUDLY. I noticed Kenley anxiously looking for something, and glanced up to find Kenley racing towards a crying Emmy with a necklace in her hands. “Here Emmy, necklace. No crying.”

We’ve always known that Emmy really loves Kenley, but by bringing her the one thing Em loves most (fake, plastic jewels), Kenley showed us today she also loves Emmy . Now they are snuggled up on the hardwood foor, sharing one pillow, one blanket, and a mutual love of Dora.



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4 Responses to Emmy’s Friend Kenley

  1. mamasmithers says:

    awwwww! that is the sweetest story ever!

  2. Margie says:

    This is so sweet and heart-warming.

  3. mandijo20 says:

    Jewelry solves everything! What a sweet little lady!

  4. Barbara says:

    How cute that this little girl would know to get Emmy jewelry NOT a blanket or a toy but jewelry. Adorable picture!

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