Birth Stories, Round Two

For the second installment of the Birth Stories, we have two guest posters – our Mamas, who are telling the stories of OUR arrivals….

John Michael Buckner

Brian, Johnny and Kevin as little ones!

Brian, Johnny and Kevin as little ones!

The most special thing from Wednesday, Oct. 15, 1980 was the surprise arrival of John.  I wasn’t due to give birth to the great John Michael Buckner until Nov. 4, 1980.  I was quite surprised to wake up with contractions early that day.  We arrived at the hospital and after 3 hours of labor, John was born.  We chose the name John Michael after my brother John and after my dad Michael.  We thought John Michael was a gentle but strong name.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends were called after we had been at the hospital for a little while……we learned not to call in the troops right away after everyone sat for 14 hours awaing Brian’s arrival.   I delivered a healthy 8lb 1oz boy with Dr. Frank Donaldson.  He was a happy baby then and he’s a happy baby now……………..what a joy!

THANK YOU Carol for the great story, it totally suits Johnny to arrive to earth three weeks early considering his favorite saying is “If you aren’t 15 minutes early, then you are late!”

Sarah O’Connor Buckner

My Grandpa holding me!

My Grandpa holding me!

Final exams for nursing school were on December 12, 1980.  I finished my final, knowing the every two minute contractions that I was having through the exam could easily turn into real labor since my due date was December 15, 1980.
I saw Dr. Bradley on Tuesday December 16, with concerns of going overdue and not being able to finsih my last semester of school.  She stripped my membranes. I had been 3 cm. and 80% for weeks.  I had not even had an ultrasound with this pregnancy, and had no idea what the sex was, however, we did not even have a boys name picked out, only girls names.
On December 17, 1980 I was in bed, but awake. Bill had gotten ready for work, and at exactly 8AM he was opening the front door to head for work.  At that moment, I had the first REAL contraction and asked him if he could wait a minute to see if it was gonig to be the real thing.  It was.  The contractions started at 8AM and were every 3 minutes.  I had gotten dressed and laid on the bed at 8:20 to call Dr. Bradley to tell her that I was in labor.  I wanted to make the beds, but Bill insisted that we leave, which was one of the best times I could have chosen to agree with what he said.  As we drove to St. Vincent Hospital, I squeezed one of his fingers with each contraction, he was quiet and probably quite nervous.  He dropped me at the ER door to park the car.  The ER staff had me wait in a wheelchair in the hallway.  I told them that I had a lot of pressure, I was immeidately rushed to L&D.
My nurse, Marlene, was a friend of mine who I had worked with.  She casually told me to change, which I couldn’t do.  Bill was not there yet (he was still parking the car).  The nurses came in the room, helped me changed and quickly checked me.  I was completely dilated and was crowning!! They rushed me to the delivery room, I asked where was Bill.  They told me he was changing into scrubs and would be right in.  They rushed him in.
Dr. Bradley was in the delivery room next to where I was and ready to make the incision for a C/Section.  She was called out to come deliver me.  Bill was there, and they told me to push.  I never had any feeling of needing to push, even though I didn’t have anything for pain.  I pushed about four times and it was a GRL at 9:23 AM……Apgars were 8&9. My entire labor was one hour and twenty three minutes long.
She was so pretty and pink.  They asked her name, we had not decided.  We said Mary Elizabeth or Sarah Elizabeth.  Everyone in the room voted on Sarah Elizabeth, so there she was, 8′ 15 oz. bald, and pink and pretty. I never even needed a Tylenol after delivery, I didn’t feel like I had even had a baby.
The first time she was brought into the room she looked so filled out and perfect compared to her older brother, who was long and lean.  Bill said, “She is a MOOSE….” So she had a nickname for a short time of MOOSE!!! That was replaced by Lilly Belle.
She was a perfect, pretty baby and slept long hours.  If allowed she would take eight hour naps and was very calm.  I realized that I had a real weakness for all baby clothes that were pink, ruffled and sweet.  Today she is 32 years old and it truly seems like just a few years ago that she was born.

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5 Responses to Birth Stories, Round Two

  1. mamasmithers says:

    Awww! What sweet stories from your mama’s! I too love that John Buckner was 3 weeks early. So him!

    • BucknerBlog says:

      I loved having them “guest blog” – I thought it was so cute! ANd yes, only John Buckner arrives THREE WEEKS early for no good reason other than being ready to get the day/party/life started.

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    That;’s pretty much how I remember it also Barbara. I still can’t believe how easy it was for you.

  3. Barbara says:

    Yes, Paul was at home. We had arranged for him to go across the st reet to his friend CJ Frayer. CJ’s mom did hair in her home and grandma was one of her customers. By coincedence she had an appointment that day at 9:30. We dropped him off at their house and grandma picked him up and took him home with her. It all worked very easy. We got a lot done in one hour and twenty three minutes!!

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