The Connecticut Tragedy

I, along with the rest of the nation, have been thinking of the tragedy that happened on Friday. While I am filled with sorrow, I find comfort in the stories of bravery and kindness. I choose to think of the 27 year old teacher that hid her children and stood alone in her classroom, face to face with the gunman, sacrificing her life to save her students. I will think of the principal that died running towards the gunman armed with nothing but a great love for her students. I will think of the first grade teacher that locked her students in the bathroom, held their tiny faces in her hands and whispered she loved them so that they would hear her loving words instead of gunfire. I will think of the little boy in that bathroom who said no one should worry because he knows karate (this one especially gets to me since Christopher loves karate). I will think of the janitor that ran from classroom to classroom, amidst the gunfire, warning teachers to hide their students. I will think of a town that, when faced with this great tragedy, turned to God and church for hope. I will think of the father who lost a child and still expressed sadness for the shooter’s family. I will never forget that evil exists in this world, but I will also never forget that there is still greatness.


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2 Responses to The Connecticut Tragedy

  1. mandijo20 says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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