Advent Irony

Before starting this story, I must explain that Christopher has an advent calendar that he made at school. The calendar has little loops with nice things to do to prepare for Christmas, and each morning we remove a loop and read it together.

I also must explain that Christopher is not a morning person. Some mornings are worse than others, but today he woke up exceptionally grouchy. He was stomping around the house, complaining about all things Christmas, his toys, his pajamas, me, breakfast. I have learned that it’s best to just ignore the fits (if I feed into it in any way, the attitude lasts much longer), so I went about my day as usual.

“Hey baby, do you want applesauce or strawberries for breakfast?”


“Applesauce it is. Do you want to grab your loop and we’ll read it while we eat?”


“Ok, good to know that you hate your Mama, but I think you really love me.”


I set his plate in front of him at the table and reached for the advent loop. This is what his calendar told him today:

2012-12-11 09.04.52Hahaha, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

And not to worry, Chris was only grouchy until he got a little food into his system, he’s sweet as pie again.


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3 Responses to Advent Irony

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    Just treading this entry made me feel guilty about any (and all) mean things that I’ve ever said or did to my mother. I did just call my mother and told her that I love her though.

  2. mamasmithers says:

    this made me laugh out loud! that’s awesome!

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