Flashback Four Years

December 28, 2008 – One of his many super early morning wake ups…

When Christopher was a baby, he would wake up super early, 5:45 or 6 am. I would climb out of bed, exhausted. He would be standing and smiling in his crib, he’s arms stretched out, ready for the day.

On the weekends, I would pull him out of bed and tiptoe downstairs, where we would play and listen to music. For some reason, “You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago would ALWAYS come on the radio station. I would immediately pick Christopher up and we’d slow dance to the song. He’d look at me with his sweet brown eyes and I would think of dancing with him at his wedding (and cry, obviously).

Today, I was listening to my iTunes and the song started to play. It has been a long time since I heard the song, so I swooped Christopher up, danced with him, and was reminded of our little tradition four years ago (it was thankfully NOT 6 am today).


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4 Responses to Flashback Four Years

  1. Margie says:

    Ohhh. So cute. So little and yet already has the cute enthusiastic Christopher face. Time sure does fly.

  2. Barbara says:

    Oh my this brought tears to my eyes. He is so sweet.

  3. the rauh fam says:

    awww. so sweet. obvi this will be your song at his wedding.

  4. mamasmithers says:

    Sweet baby Christopher!

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