Mama’s Favorite Things

I have posted stories about tough days with my kids, embarrassing stories, silly things. I also occasionally write down my favorite things about them – and hey, if Oprah does her favorite things list, so here is mine (only mine is strictly about the kiddos).


  • I love that no matter what Emmy is doing, if a song comes on that she likes she immediately starts twirling around.
  • I love the sweet things Christopher says: “Mama, you look beautiful today.” “Mama, you’re the queen of my heart.” (That was after hearing the “Mama” song by Boyz II Men) “Emmy, I love your soft little hands.”
  • I love Emmy’s delicate, girly features (these features mask the wild woman that she truly is).
  • I love that Christopher is going to play Joseph in his school Christmas program.
  • I love when Christopher gets a little grouchy at the end of the day, his grouchiness just shows me he’s still so little, still my baby, if playing wears him down.
  • I love when they play together and don’t know that I am paying close attention to them. For a few moments there is no fighting or wrestling with each other; just sweet, peaceful, silly play.
  • I love when they climb into my lap and lay their tiny heads on my shoulder. I love that when I start to rub their back, they snuggle up closer.

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