Author’s Note: Please don’t judge, this kind of stuff happens to all of us (I think, I hope – say you’ve been there!).

Christopher’s preschool lets out at 3 pm everyday, and the pick up process is very simple. You drive up to the carpool line, you wait, they bring your child out to you. I arrive everyday between 2:58 and 3 pm, and there is always a super long line. Usually by the time he’s buckled into his seat, it is 3:15 or so.

Yesterday, I was running late. I left later than my normal time, then I got stuck behind a LOOOOOONG line of school buses, and caught every red light along the way. I just knew that today was the day they’d do the carpool line quickly. At 3:03 pm, I pulled up to the light by his school and saw the entire carpool lane was empty.

“You’ve got to be trucking kidding me!” I said (only I didn’t say “trucking.”)

From the backseat, I heard my sweet baby start to singsong “Trucking, trucking! Trucking! Trucking kidding! Trucking, trucking…” Only she didn’t say trucking either.

Is this the face of the kind of girl who talks about trucks? I don’t think so!

My light turned green, I turned the car, drove up to the doors right at 3:05. Christopher skipped out of the school holding his teachers hand and lucky for me, two other parents pulled in after me (letting me know he wasn’t sadly sitting in the school saying “Where’s my mama???”).

And also lucky for me, Emmy was so excited to see her brother she stopped singing her new song. I’m sure Christopher’s teacher would have loved to see his mom pulling up late with a baby singing about trucking in the backseat.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. See here:


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4 Responses to Trucking

  1. mamasmithers says:

    I have NEVER said a bad word in front of my children. Shame Shame Shame! 🙂 hahahaha! Yes we have all done it. Always makes for a funny story at least!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Hmmm…”Trucking”…..You may have heard me use variations of truck when I was driving and you were about the same as the sweet little parrot that occupies the car seat directly behind you. Instances that come to mind are: truck used as a noun i.e. trucker; truck as a verb i.e. “go truck yourself”; truck used as part of a compound adjective i.e. “how trucking stupid are you”; “truck” used by itself to signal a close call by some dumb trucker showing how trucking stupid they were i.e. “TRUCK!”. Keep your fingers crossed that she hasn’t remembered it. I’ll bet that she remembers it at the best possible time. Say, her two-year-old birthday party.

  3. Ron Buckner says:

    Just like the song says, “truck” is the universal adjective.

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