Working Man

Christopher has recently started asking to go to work with Johnny. Since taking a four year old to work in an office is not always the easiest thing to do, we have been telling him “Another time” or “Soon Chris, soon!” On Monday, Johnny said “How about tomorrow?” Chris agreed (even though he was already dressed in his dressy shoes, pajamas, and coat and was ready to go). We didn’t discuss it again and forgot about it.

Until 6:30 yesterday morning.

I heard the scatter of little feet as Chris ran downstairs.

“Did Daddy leave already?”

“No honey, he’s in the shower.”

“Oh ok good, I woke up early to go to work with him.”

Since we had promised him, and he remembered, we got Christopher dressed “like daddy” to go to work.

Off he went, sippy cup in one hand, Daddy’s hand in the other – and he was as excited as ever.

I went to pick him up three hours later (he tried to hide from me, he said he still had quite a bit of work to do). On the way home, he told me all about his day at the office. He picked up faxes for everyone, he stamped things for Jana, he shredded paper for Daddy, he ate a snack with Brody, he saw Uncle Troy working on his computer, and talked to Lori.

This morning at 7 am, Chris ran downstairs. “Can I go to work with Daddy?”

“No honey, I’m sorry, you can’t go everyday.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy told me about that. I can’t wait to work all the time.”

He doesn’t know this yet, but on Friday Johnny is going to bring him a $5 check for his hard work. He’s REALLY going to want to work everyday when he has his hands on money.


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13 Responses to Working Man

  1. mandijo20 says:

    This just melts my heart! Great out fit, Christopher! At his age I kept telling my Mom I wanted to work in a big tall building, wear all black, heels, carry a brief case and have windows! My cubical life never seemed to compare! Ha!

    • BucknerBlog says:

      Thank you Mandi! And I agree – Wanting to work and actually working are two different things! Johnny’s mom says that Johnny used to always say he wanted to wear a suit and tie and go to work. 🙂

  2. Margie says:

    What an amazing story! He’s sooo cute and sweet. And so lucky to have parents like you guys. I love the picture too.

  3. Kevin Bucknrer says:

    This is amazing…

  4. Barbara says:

    How adorable. He is so cute and sweet. I love it that he woke himself up early because he was SO excited about going to work. He looks so happy in his picture as he is leaving for his job!! Johnny must have been proud to show him off at work.

  5. Bill O'Connor says:

    He’s just like his daddy.

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