Interview with a Baby

Emmy has been a bit of a daredevil lately (by “lately” I mean “her entire life”), but as long as I can hear her little voice I can tell if she is up high, far away, under something, jumping from a countertop, etc. Since I had to turn my back on her to do the dishes, I asked Christopher for a little help.

“Chris, can you chat with your sister while I do these dishes really quickly?”

“Sure, mama.”

He started chatting, so I of course, listened in (the three cutest things in the world to me are #1 Small child hand holding #2 Small child dancing #3 Small child conversation when they don’t know grown ups are listening).

“So Emmy, what is your favorite color?”

Emmy stopped in her tracks. Was Christopher really talking to her? She gleefully smiled and said: “Um, blue.” (Blue sounds more like “booo-a”)

“What is your favorite animal?”

“Giraffe.” (“Raffe”)

“Emmy, what is your favorite shape?”


“Good, good. What is your favorite tv show?”


“No, Emmy. You like Dora, say Dora.”

Eager to please her brother and keep the conversation alive, she readily agreed. Nodding, she said: “Dora.”

“What is your favorite magic word?”


With that, Chris saw the dishwasher door shut and ran away without another word. However, this was the very best day ever for Emmy, and she totally forgot that only moments ago she was planning to jump from the kitchen table.

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8 Responses to Interview with a Baby

  1. Bunch says:

    I love them!!!

  2. karlahlrichs says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    What articulate kiddos. Great post!

  3. Aunt Sarah says:

    hahahahahahaha! this made my day! BTW Abbott’s favorite word is Abracadabra and Easton’s favorite word is toot (really it’s fart and poop but I try to discourage those). I think Lou is combining her 2 boyfriends favorite words to make her own favorite word! 🙂
    OH and have you not posted on our blog lately? I haven’t noticed one in a long time. Just wondering if I miss them or if you just haven’t posted.

    • BucknerBlog says:

      Yes, we combined Abracadabra and Toot to make their very favorite word ever – Abracatootie! I’ve heard them say it to Easton & Ab, I’m shocked it hasn’t stuck at the Smith house yet!

      And I have blogged lately, but I’ve only been doing it a few times a month! I wish I had the determination & availability to do it daily!

  4. Bill O'Connor says:

    Maybe “abracatootie” generated a magically strong wind that blew Christopher from his journalist’ chair…

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