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Nothing says “I’m visiting my grandparents” quite like dipping Doritos into ice cream (“It’s sugar free!” says Grandma) while hanging out half nude 25 minutes AFTER bedtime. Advertisements

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Making Beautiful Music

It is 2:55 p.m., also known as “nap time.” Today Emmy is refusing to nap (again), and is instead “playing” the piano. And maracas. My amazing, peaceful two quiet hours of nap time seem like a distant memory… Update: As … Continue reading

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Christopher’s Thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show

I am obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show on CMT. Season after season, I have watched as 100 pound girls with double d’s proclaim to be “all real” or as 105 pound girls are asked to “tone up.” I … Continue reading

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Interview with a Baby

Emmy has been a bit of a daredevil lately (by “lately” I mean “her entire life”), but as long as I can hear her little voice I can tell if she is up high, far away, under something, jumping from … Continue reading

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Good Bye Sweet Freedom…

Emmy can jump out of her crib now. I’m writing this while sitting outside her door. Every time I hear a thud, a giggle, and maniacal footsteps I know she’s leaped to the ground. Boo.

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Potty Time

When Chris was potty training he was going to a kick butt daycare that did all the training and simply told me what to do and when to do it (“No pull ups, take him at this this and this … Continue reading

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