Days Like This

So, people ask me a lot what it is like to be a stay at home mom. There are days that I wake up super early, do a little work out, shower, make scrambled eggs and smuggly think, “Take a look at me, I have it all together. The kids are dressed cute, Gosh I love reading books to them and playing monster all day. Children’s Museum again? Sure, let’s go – I’ll pack lunch first!”

Today is, so far, not one of those days. This blog post is for the people that always say “I couldn’t stay home, I honestly think I would go crazy.” Trust me, you would. This post is also to the other moms, I hope you have days like these (and if you say you don’t, I don’t wanna be friends anymore).

Just out of bed, Chris comes to my room. I get Emmy too, and we all watch an episode of Dora. Chris is mad because it’s not HIS show. To show his displeasure with the show choice, he wiggles in the bed; occasionally kicking his feet, which land into my back and stomach (which is always a nice surprise).

After Dora, I notice the sun is starting to rise so I suggest breakfast, which actually goes smoothly.

After we eat, we head to the basement to play in the toy room. After reading 10 big books (not just short books, the long ones with lots of words on all the pages), I sneak to the laundry room to fold laundry. The kids immediately notice I have left the room, and follow me instantly. Emmy cannonballs into the folded piles while Chris break dances on top of it all, ensuring that no piece of laundry is left folded.

Laundry is done, Chris wants a snack. I go upstairs and get two bowls of Goldfish, but Chris is not happy with what is offered. “Sorry baby, it’s Goldfish for snack!” So after he refuses to eat it, his starving sister finishes off his bowl. When he sees her picking up the last crumb, he is suddenly willing to eat Goldfish and is heartbroken his bowl is empty. I go back upstairs and get more, the kids Hunger Games it out over the fresh bowl of fish.

Snack time is over. I come to my computer to turn on music and check email. Chris climbs up next to me on the counter. He wants to sit right next to me, meaning that he wants his feet touching me. Except his feet don’t lightly touch me, they kick my arm, grind into my back (which I don’t get – he’s to the left and front of me, how is he twisting his body to get his feet grinded into my back?), kick my leg, the computer. If I take a sip of coffee, he’ll start pecking away at the keyboard.

Here is more of what a day like today is like:
I hear crashes in the toyroom, but hear noises that are NOT crying or screaming, so I am safe.

I do dishes for a little “me” time. However, that usually means Emmy is standing on the folded down dishwasher door.

Chris and Emmy start playing together, but they disagree on how to play (Chris takes the “slow, line up cars, build a tall tower of blocks” approach to playing, while Emmy takes more of a “knock down everything Chris has worked hard to build” approach to playing).

I step on a miniature toy, sending shocks of pain up my leg.

I break up several fights, I read more books (most of which I can read with my eyes close).

Lunch is served. Chris won’t like the fork I’ve given him (“But mama, BLUE is my new favorite color!”) and Emmy will throw her food on the floor.

Emmy takes a nap, and I can’t say what she does because she will eventually read this post and I already feel guilty enough. Let’s just say that we’re working on potty training.

Johnny will come home to a loud cheer of “DADDY!” Which sounds like “Here is our hero, he’ll certainly save us from this woman!”

8:15 p.m. arrives and after putting dishes away, picking up toys, getting tomorrow’s laundry ready, and turning on the tv, I realize I have survived the zzzzz…..zzzzzzz……

Author’s Note: I do love staying at home and don’t want to change my life, but I while I don’t ever want to forget the times they made me so happy I could cry, I don’t want to forget the days they made me CRAZY (how else will I endlessly remind them of such days?)
One More Note: Immediately after I published this, the song “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” began to play on my iTunes. For those that don’t know the song, it’s about appreciating the hard times of parenthood because it goes by so fast. Dang Hootie, you speak right to my heart!


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6 Responses to Days Like This

  1. amyunjaded says:

    sarah- honestly, comparatively speaking… you’ve got it together! you should see my life, kiddo, house, etc… i only have one kiddo who’s going through a huge defiant phase that i’m sincerely hoping that we both live through, lol

    • BucknerBlog says:

      Aw, thank you Amy! There are days that I have it together, but I would say days like this post happens more oten than not! 🙂

      • amyunjaded says:

        i definitely understand… which is why the whole “moms who judge you in public” thing really irks me. they have no idea what has happened prior to your public meltdown…

        don’t let it get you down. it happens. each day is a new start…

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    I’m listening to Darius Rucker right now for the first time. Wow – that is a tear jerker. He sure brings back memories of you kids, and now, your kids.

  3. Kitty says:

    Aww,Sarah. You’re such a good writer. Didn’t know you were doing this. How fun and what a great way to journal it all.

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