Cute Things About Emmy That I Don’t Want to Forget


The main reason why I have this blog is because I never want to forget the cute, silly, sometimes naughty things Emmy & Christopher do. Time goes by so fast & memories kind of blur together, so this is their online baby book. I don’t (usually) post the truly awful moments, but those are the days/times/hours I want to forget anyway. So, as I write this I want to remember that I’m sitting on a couch that has been turned into a giant blanket fort. Chris is pretending to be Batman. Emmy is taking care of her babies (names are: Night Night Baby, Baby Baby, Baby Snow White, Baby Cinderella).

So, on to my original intention for this post. Here are the current cute things Emmy (be warned, it’s a long list):

-She carries at least one Emmy sized purse everywhere she goes, somtimes two.
-When she hears the word “booty,” she sticks her booty out and said “booooooooty!”
-If she’s scared or nervous, she covers her eyes to hide herself.
-She raises her arms and says “Hold you!” when she wants me to pick her up.
-She frequently retells the story of the time the monkey scared her at the Zoo. She also starts talking about the “Zoooooo” anytime someone says “animals.”
-She introduces us by name to everyone she meets.
-She wears her baby sunglasses on the top of her head.
-She loves her little buddy Abbott, but she has taken to hitting him & pulling his hair if he dares not give her his full attention (this actually isn’t cute yet, but I know it will be someday).
-She dresses herself in the most random things. See the picture above. She has on her jammies, then my old swimsuit cover up, an old teething ring as a bracelet, and then a few of my real bracelets. Not to mention shoes on the wrong feet.


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4 Responses to Cute Things About Emmy That I Don’t Want to Forget

  1. ..and don’t forget the stashed paci, hidden somewhere within reach.

  2. JennaRayl says:

    This is so cute, Sarah! 🙂 LOVE that Emmy says “Hold You”… that’s what I used to say when I was little! 🙂

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