Because I’m a Mother…

The following things are phrases I never knew I would say, but now that I am a mother, they all make sense:

“Stop eating cat food!”

“Do not hit your sister with that monkey!”

“You know, those child leash things sort-of make sense.”

“Stop throwing Goldfish at me”

“Emmy, stop dancing on the pool table.”

(In a sing-song voice, to MYSELF): “It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside…”

“You know, if you watch Fresh Beat Band enough times, Twist gets really hot.” (That was actually said by two separate friends of mine and different times)

I have countless ones about poop, pee, snot, dirt, grime, and more – but I will keep those to myself… (You’re welcome)


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2 Responses to Because I’m a Mother…

  1. Barbara says:

    YIKES!! Was that the pool table in our basement? Yes, i can think of many more sayings that I have heard, or ones that I have said……ones from MY perspective that I thought I would never say. You want FOUR packages of fruit snacks? OK–here you go. You want to jump on the new mattress? OK–that is fun!!! ON and on…….

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