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Cute Things About Emmy That I Don’t Want to Forget

The main reason why I have this blog is because I never want to forget the cute, silly, sometimes naughty things Emmy & Christopher do. Time goes by so fast & memories kind of blur together, so this is their … Continue reading

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Because I’m a Mother…

The following things are phrases I never knew I would say, but now that I am a mother, they all make sense: “Stop eating cat food!” “Do not hit your sister with that monkey!” “You know, those child leash things … Continue reading

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Dinner Is On Me Tonight

As everyone knows, Johnny cooks almost all of our meals. He likes it, he’s good at it, and he gets to hide in the kichen while he creates dinner. I took over the dinner prep tonight and put together one … Continue reading

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Lake Love

“Chris, we’re going to take a walk on the beach, but can’t go swimming until tomorrow when we have our suits on.” “Ok Mama.” 10 seconds later, I took the above picture. “Sorry, I just couldn’t help it!”

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The other day I posted about what I found when I was cleaning out my purse. Well, I was recently doing the laundry and the above picture showcases what I found in Johnny’s pocket. -One golf tee -Two Bud Light … Continue reading

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Shoe Point of View

I was packing lunches before we went outside to play and asked Christopher to grab my shoes for me. I expected him to return with my usual flipflops, he instead returned with the highest heels I own (long forgotten in … Continue reading

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