She’s A Real Wild One


So, Emmy is wild (as proof, see the picture above – it is of her trying to climb a ladder to go down a water slide, into a pool. Without a life jacket). For a while, only those closest to us knew of her wildness. Lately strangers, friends, family, and even other kids have noticed her wildness. Here are a few of the things that have been called my way as I chase her down: “Wow, she’s…spirited.” “That baby is fast!” “Emmy has a hearty soul.” “She looks exhausting!” “She is a wild woman.” (That was Easton, it was super cute). “I bet she’ll sleep well tonight.” “Wow, Emmy…” So, Emmy Lou – when you are reading this post in a few years know that you were wild (fingers crossed that the craziness extends no further than a few more years), and it wasn’t just me that noticed. 🙂

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