My Favorite Picture of All Time


The photo above is my favorite picture of all time. You may think I love it becauses it shows my wedding day, aka the happiest day of my life. I happen to love it because while I am all joyful smiles, Johnny has a steadfast look of terror on his face. This picture is just one of ALL the pictures we took of Johnny with this face. Every time I look at it (which is infrequent, this actual photo is at my dad’s house in Ohio), I crack up laughing. Look at the happy bride, look at the groom – he may be sick. Hahahaha


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One Response to My Favorite Picture of All Time

  1. Barbara says:

    I have seen this picture many times and I never noticed Johnny’s expression!! You look gorgeous and his looks like a mug shot. He looks frozen. I think he had NO idea what he was doing……just going along with what he was told to do!! Makes me laugh too!!

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