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Eat Your Food, Round Two

“Chris, eat your grapes, it’s time to go!” “But actually, I don’t love them.” “Chris, grapes are your favorite food.” “When I was three I loved them, but I’m four now Mama, so I don’t have to eat them anymore.”

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Ah, Memories…

Chris is going through a stage right now where he won’t eat anything but junk. We’re trying to be tough and get a few good meals in his system, but he’s as stubborn as I am. Tonight I insisted he … Continue reading

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You know you are a mom when you clean out your purse and find: – a Ring Pop – a lost Chuck E. Cheese token – a Chuck E. Cheese exit sticker – a rogue nerf gun dart – a … Continue reading

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She’s A Real Wild One

So, Emmy is wild (as proof, see the picture above – it is of her trying to climb a ladder to go down a water slide, into a pool. Without a life jacket). For a while, only those closest to … Continue reading

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Indians Game

We took the kiddos to a Cleveland Indians game this weekend, which was so fun (well, as fun as having a 19 month old wiggler with us). Chris had a blast, he got into his role as a superfan. He … Continue reading

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My Favorite Picture of All Time

The photo above is my favorite picture of all time. You may think I love it becauses it shows my wedding day, aka the happiest day of my life. I happen to love it because while I am all joyful … Continue reading

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