Four Years Ago Today


Four years ago today we had the most perfect, tiniest baby boy.

In four short years, he has made me laugh, made me cry, made me yell, made me painfully embarrassed in public, made me equally proud. He has helped me through hard times without even knowing it and he has made fun times even better.

Happy 4th Birthday Christopher/Buckaroo/Lil Bucky!


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3 Responses to Four Years Ago Today

  1. Barbara says:

    Happy Birthday Christopher!!! You had a great birthday party, we had a great time, celebrating your FOURTH birthday, we love you!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Dear Christopher (and Sarah and Johnny and Emmy), I will never miss another birthday party! Love, Grandpa
    ps How happy all of you have made me!

  3. Ashley says:

    Ahhh…motherhood! Happy Birthday, ‘lil Bucky!

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